gA started in 1992, when Roberto Wagmaister had the idea of creating a company that would be based on building strong and rewarding client relationships, as I had never seen before. His dream was to start a company where the entrepreneurial passion would shine, with the goal of helping companies improve the way they run their business processes, and to guide them through their international expansion using technology as a crucial enabler.
The initial group that started the company was of only 17 people and began working with big local groups and multinational corporations implementing JD Edwards.
Meanwhile, technology continued to advance, until it was able to “understand” the logic of business processes. Then, the need for a new paradigm arose. In this way, we arrived at the convergence of the technology value chain as an enabling element of business processes. The resulting model was the Business Process Transformation model (BPT), which integrates technology, business processes, and people, creating value for our customer’s firmthrough business transformation.
Twenty years later we believe that our entrepreneurial passion and being true to our values made that dream come true, with a company of 1,400 people, working in all Latin America and in many other regions of the world.
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