We make history

25 years of transformation 

The year was 1992. The goal: to create a new type of company. The group consisted of 17 people who wanted to develop something different in a world that was just beginning to take its first steps into the digital era. At the core of this new company was the entrepreneurial passion of its founders; their vision was to help other companies optimize their business processes, and to guide them through their international expansion as their pathway to digital business transformation. This was the beginning of gA.

We started working with large local groups and multinational corporations. As technology continued to advance, gA continued to learn, adding new skills and technologies: we were intent on becoming the leaders in business transformation. The key to every achievement we’ve made has been our people.

Throughout the years, we have built a team of over 1,400 experts in technology, business and transformation. As our company grew, our Digital Business Transformation methodology expanded; our teams brought knowledge to the business through our studies about the digital economics of Latin America and the disruption of digital transformation worldwide.

Twenty five years later, we are still looking for more: creating new products, continuing to transform businesses, processes and people. The digital transformation journey begins here.

We make it real. Welcome to gA.

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