Sustainability is a long-term management model based on solid corporate values on which we seek to grow, innovate and create value for our customers, employees, investors and suppliers, as well as for the environment and the communities where we operate. It is to grow by harmonizing good economic performance with social and environmental development.

Sustainability defines what we are and how we do things.

gA was created with the purpose of becoming a great company, which is quite different from being a big company. A great company is one whose growth is sustainable. To sustain growth long-terms links have to be created with all our stakeholders. Values have to be created that harmonize the economic performance of the company with that of the environment and society.

To be sustainable implies committing to the role the company has in society and with the impact it has on the people and organizations that comprise and surround it.


To be sustainable is a way of doing business based on values. It is to prioritize the quality of links with both our own staff and with customers, above and beyond the mere monetary differential. It is to be a company in which its employees can grow in a stimulating and pleasant environment where at all times they feel that they are there with a mission: to fulfill themselves as people.

To be sustainable implies harmonizing a successful business strategy with professionalism, ethics and passion.

To be sustainable is to achieve good performance now, ensuring that is will be maintained and improved in the future. Our growth depends on and affects our environment and to adopt a long-term culture implies giving value to who we are and what we do to achieve comprehensive and sustainable growth. It is to build a way now that feeds on itself to provide future growth.

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