Advanced Analytics

Why Advanced Analytics?

● Analytics are not a way to periodically analyze the business anymore. They are an essential part of a Digitalized Company. They manage Big Data of every type, in real time, with “in-memory” models, enabling decision making in real time: where the customer is shopping, when the truck has to decide a route, when a work order has to prioritized or delayed, when a supplier has to be activated

● Advanced Analytics are an essential part of a company’s value, and in some industries, it´s main asset. And given the possibilities of present technologies, they should be a central, strategic asset for every organization

Why Advanced Analytics with gA?

● gA Advanced Analytics integrate the latest in-memory technologies, an architecture for virtual data warehouses that integrate present physical ones, starting fast, getting results and evolving faster than ever


● No more costly and long DW projects lasting years: fast cycles, iteration, Agile methodologies to deploy faster and evolve continuously the decision making models. With a single source of truth, presenting in the most effective way the required information to make a decision, to all required levels of the organization in a timely manner. Pushing the decision and alerts to each workplace, each mobile, each required role in the organization

gA’s Advanced Analytics services include:

● Architecture, Design, Building, Support and Evolving Virtual and Physical Data Warehouse

● In-memory Big Data repositories, Data Science advance inference models, predictive analysis, planning and control analytical applications, machine learning mechanisms

● Process monitoring, IoT analytical models

● Specialized partner analytical industry solutions including Artificial Intelligence and expert analytical consulting.

● gA analytical models by industry

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