Digital Innovation + Operational Excellence

Why Digital Innovation?

● Innovation has to be embedded in every company value chain processes to capture the opportunities of the digital transformation

● Technologies like SMACIs (Social-Mobile-big data Analytics, Cloud and Internet of Things) are enabling business model transformation

● An effective digital transformation requires aligning and streamlining business processes, organization, people skills and roles, as well as aligning the digital initiatives with the core operational processes and systems

Why Digital Innovation with gA?

● gA provides Digital Discovery and Roadmap services to identify, design and organize the best Digital Innovation opportunities

● Innovation Initiative Prototyping to refine the ideas and models

● The methodology combines Design Thinking with gA’s Digital Assets to accelerate both ideation and deployment phases

● Digital Innovation Cases by Industry to accelerate Digital Discovery process

● gA Digital Technology teams and experts in key enterprise technology platforms and applications

Why Operational Excellence?

● A personalized customer experience is at the center of most successful companies’ value propositions. A total customer experience is not only about an omni-channel, well designed, 24×7 interaction with clients, it´s also about fulfilling the promise and exceeding expectations

● To support innovation, and protect company sustainability (achieving both growth and healthy profitability), operational excellence is a fundamental base

Why Operational Excellence with gA?

The founding layer of gA’s Digital Business Transformation framework is Operational Excellence. For nearly 25 years, gA has helped multinational companies and regional leaders to streamline and optimize their processes, organization, data and systems

gA´s Operational Excellence services include:

● Supply Chain Digitization services and tools

● Transformational Technology Upgrades for platforms such as SAP and Oracle

● Programs to drive process and systems standardization and agility (global and regional templates)

● Continuous process monitoring and improvement

● Value monitoring, controlling the operation goals with financial and operational scorecards

● Advanced Analytics including Big Data, real time models, along the value chain

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