Digital Strategy

Why a Digital Strategy?

● A company strategy needs to be empowered by a cohesive Digital Strategy, in order to effectively play the digital transformation game

● The strategic formulation processes need to be adapted to the digital era, including fast idea-to-action cycles and dynamic adjustments based on results. Agility and scalability have to be taken into account

● Digital strategy has to take into account company strengths and competitive positioning considering traditional competitors with a digital value proposition and new digital incumbents

Why a Digital Strategy with gA?

● Full journey approach and services; from discovering and organizing the best digital transformation ideas, to prototyping, evolving, implementing and achieving measurable goals and● business benefits

● Digital Strategy Ideation process empowered with industry based transformation cases


● Digital Business Transformation methodology that combines Design Thinking with Big Data analysis, Digital Strategy, Discovery, Roadmaps, Pilots and “closed loop” approach to refine strategy

● Full value chain transformation strategy approach: from a customer experience journey all the way to end-to-end value chain transformation opportunities

● Commitment with our clients, from the ideas to the actions: “we look ahead and get things done”

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