Supply Chain Digitization

Why Supply Chain Digitization?

● To achieve operational excellence, support innovation and provide a differentiated customer experience – with proper fulfillment of customers expectations- companies and their partners need to operate in an effective and configurable supply chain or even supply matrixes.

● Our Center for Digital Business Transformation research shows that most companies, even those with a digitalized contact with their markets, haven’t digitalized their value chains, limiting the benefits of the digital transformation, or even creating risks for their brand and affecting client relationship with traditionally designed, planned and executed supply chains.

● Traditional Supply Chain Management strategies, tools, planning and control processes are not enough for the new challenges.

● Supply Chain Digitization and Optimization, applying digital technologies, re-structuring supply chain processes and analytical tools are a must to obtain business benefits.

Why Supply Chain Digitization with gA?

● gA’s Supply Chain Digitization practice combines expertise in Supply Chain Management, Digital Technologies, the dBT (Digital Business Transformation) framework and advanced tools and applications.


gA’s Supply Chain Digitization practice as Supply Chain Digitization partners goals:

● Efficient customer response (ECR) with flexible and responsive supply chain planning, execution and control

● Optimized and consistent client and customer service levels (both B2B and B2C or hybrid situations)

● Optimized logistics and inventory costs

● Collaboration and fast configurable streamlining supply chains or matrixes

We achieve those goals with the best practices and advanced tools to:

● Align and synchronize company plans with an integrated business planning process and tools

● Integrate long, medium and short term business and supply chain plans

● Integrate digital transformation along the supply execution chain, as IoT sensors and g-localization in operations, transportation, manufacturing, warehousing, mobile application along the supply chain, advanced analytics focusing in supply chain optimization and near real time control, predictive models with data science and artificial intelligence.

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