Value Added Upgrades

Why Value Added Upgrades?

● An application or software platform upgrade may only be a technical project, it may reduce operational risks and decrease TCO (Total Cost of Ownerships). But present platforms such as Oracle JD Edwards and SAP are not just applications anymore, they are digital business transformation-enabling platforms, including technologies for Mobility, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Social, real time integration capabilities, Internet of Things, and Cloud options

● The traditional approach for upgrades used to be only discrete options: purely technical, a functional upgrade with some process improvement and a transformational one. However, there are a lot of additional possibilities and a well designed upgrade strategy should enable concrete value creation in every evolution path

Why implement Value Added Upgrades with gA?

● gA’s Value Added Upgrade focus on selecting the best trade-offs between process/functional enhancements and the related complexity and risks, to establish the optimal strategy for each single company

● gA’s digital Business Transformation (dBT©) upgrade methodology takes into account that new platforms enable fast digital transformations to the present company business processes, providing business benefits, for example , with mobile transactions, collaboration and enhanced analytics. With this approach, even a technical upgrade should provide business process improvements, without increasing upgrade costs or time

● Post-upgrade phases and the post-upgrade support and evolutionary service provide more agile business improvement in shorter and agile cycles, without extending initial upgrade timelines

● Transformational Upgrades, including digitally enabled process innovation are also an option, providing the highest business process transformation and benefits

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