Advanced Analytics Management

Why Advanced Analytics Management Services?

● Companies need more and much faster information available by omni-channels, even selected and pushed to each decision makers, from operational decisions up to strategic and management levels

● There is no more time for long and static data models, structured and slow to adjust data warehouses, end-of-month only information, rigid reports and scorecards, depending on IT resources for each simple adjustment

● This means that agile data analytics projects must be complemented and analytical solutions must undergo continuous evolution.


Why gA for Advanced Analytics Management Services?

● gA Advanced Analytics Management Services (AAMS) covers both the latest in-memory, scalar data models through more traditional OLAP repositories and tools; methodologies and techniques are aligned for hybrid analytical environments, from multiple data sources, and with both physical and virtual data warehouses

● Services are conceived to evolve the data models, providing the best data structures and optimizing the technology to provide the tools and training so that the information presentation layer can be flexibly adapted to changing business needs at a fast pace

● gA’s Advanced Analytics Management Services covers from the analytical infrastructure and platform management, operations, security, support, and continuous evolution, to major analytical transformation models

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