Consumer Goods & Manufacturing



The manufacturing industry is facing complex issues to increase the productivity and efficiency of its factories, and to meet the needs of the clients and customers who buy their products.

On the other hand, the consumer goods industry is facing challenges to create scale and operational efficiency, while innovating in products, channels and ways to secure its clients.

Processes continuous transformation, aligned with companies’ value strategy and supported by applications and technology, can increase their market competitiveness and sustainability.


Through our experience with Digital Business Transformation projects, combined with process development, design and management methods, gA develops complementary applications and integration tools, which are essential in such a complex environment as the consumer goods and manufacturing industries are facing.



gA can help you with your companies most challenging issues, such as:

Manufacturing Industry

  • Unique regional process model creation
  • Recording processes creation and structuring
  • Planning processes
  • Capacity requirement planning
  • Production plant processes
  • Costs
  • Factory engineering processes
  • Opening of new production units

Consumer goods Industry

  • Unique regional process model creation
  • Price structuring
  • Multichannel sales process implementation
  • Product planning and distribution
  • Product tracking and tracing
  • Client and customer behaviour’s evaluation
  • Cost analysis of client and customer service
  • Opening of new production and distribution units


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