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The healthcare industry is currently in the spotlight facing big challenges in both short and long term horizons that pose huge pressure for cost cutting initiatives in the organizations that are looking for opportunities on economies of scale and operational efficiency through supply chain rationalization, vendor consolidation, outsourcing (manufacturing and services) and to leverage non-core areas.

Among the most important global market trends are:

  • Global economic downturn, emerging markets growth strategies
  • Government healthcare pressures & regulations affecting both prices and costs, as well as patent expirations of blockbuster drugs
  • Patient-driven and Electronic Healthcare Records adoption
  • Mobile, Cloud Computing and Business Analytics Technologies renewing the industry alongside privacy and compliance challenges
  • Operational Inefficiencies vs. R&D Budget Reductions
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical devices manufacturers focus on cost-reduction initiatives to compensate a weak pipeline preserving bottom line profitability.


Considering the current Global market trends in the industry, gA brings 20 years of experience building partnership with Life Sciences organizations in their efficiency and innovation strategies.

We understand the impact on the organization, including cultural changes and provide support by reviewing and simplifying processes, leverage knowledge transfer with our long-term partnership methodology, non-intrusive approach to integration and communications, better utilization of our technical expertise of current systems and leverage within organizations.

Also, we encourage innovation by understanding the specific needs of each company and leveraging our experience to design new solutions to achieve cutting edge solutions. All of this is done ensuring end-to-end compliance with all government and agency regulations.

Pharmaceutical and Medical devices manufacturers focus on different initiatives to compensate a fragile pipeline preserving bottom line profitability, such as Mobile, Cloud Computing and Business Analytics technologies renewing the industry alongside privacy and compliance challenges.

Success Story – AstraZeneca: Development and integration of mobile application for the sales team.

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