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Recursos Naturales


The Natural Resources division includes different and varied industries, each of them with their own challenges demanding specific and innovative solutions that contribute to increasing efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability. Among the biggest challenges of the Natural Resources industry, we can highlight the following:

The Mining Industry

To improve business processes, focusing on reducing production costs, observing governmental rules and committing itself to sustainability as a crucial factor to keep a good brand image.

The Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

It requires the development and execution of global strategies that complement innovation and risks management, requiring the adoption of an integrated way to tackle these aspects, supporting high performance business construction with sustainable and consistent results.

The Cement Industry

The challenges of the cement industry are visible during the efficient management of costs and expenses in the manufacturing process, storing and logistics due to the fact that cement is a relatively cheap material for its price/cost relationship.

The Iron and Steel Industry

It presents constant challenges and opportunities in a competitive market with permanent changes in pricings and environmental demands. The strong demand for steel, due to income, investments and per capita consumption increase is demanding an expansion of production capacity in the iron and steel industry.


The Energy Industry

Changes in the business world have been quiet deep, demanding that companies be flexible and transparent in their actions and relationship with its stakeholders. These are clear challenges of the energy industry to contribute to economic development and, at the same time, to protect natural resources and the social-environmental balance of the planet.


gA’s solution portfolio for the Narural Resources industry makes it possible to meet the specific requirements of each industry, taking organizations to higher efficiency and competitiveness levels through the following:

  • Acceleration of Value Creation
  • Model of Project Documentation
  • Process flow
  • Configuration documents
  • Test scripts
  • Data models
  • Technical and functional designs
  • Process Continuous Improvement
  • Costs Quality and Optimization
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