Retailers face big challenges to maximize Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) in their business. A way to overcome these challenges is through innovation and improvements in business processes, supported by applications and technology, which lead organizations to higher competitiveness and efficiency levels.

Challenges retail companies are facing.

Sales Channel Convergence: the migration from traditional format to the so-called Omni-Channel is inevitable. A price and process standardization that changes the focus from the product to the client, supported by specific technology platforms. 

Slow Seller Management: a look at how to maximize Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) in your business. 

Merchandise and Assortment Planning: solutions for forecasting demand, managing  stock levels and defining the best assortment for each store. 


gA uses all of its experience in business process transformation projects combined with methods and tools of process modeling, design and management of the entire retail chain, developing additional applications and integration mechanisms, which are fundamental in a complex environment, such as the retail market, to support the following:

  • The creation of a unique regional process model and its governability structure in relation to company mergers and acquisitions
  • The creation and structuring of recording processes (MRO, products, clients, distributors, partners and providers)
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