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Latin America stronger in Digital Business Transformation

• Raul Katz, the director of the gA Center for Digital Transformation, will be a keynote speaker at the Gartner CIO & IT Executive Latin America Summit.
• Katz, a researcher and professor at Columbia University, will speak about the challenges and opportunities of business digitization and new digital ecosystems in the region.

Cancun, Mexico. October 26, 2016 – A paradigm shift is disrupting the way business is being conducted in Latin America.

Technological development is forcing companies across the region to become more competitive, and has allowed for the rise of new markets and new areas of competition such as digital ecosystems. Raul Katz, director of the gA (Grupo Assa) Center for Digital Transformation, sees these disruptive forces as a great business opportunity.

An expert in digitization, Katz will serve as a keynote speaker for the Gartner CIO & IT Executive Latin America Summit: “Innovation in Latin America: The emergence of the New Digital Ecosystems,” which will be held from November 14th through the 17th in Cancun, Mexico, to discuss how technological developments will assist in the transformation of companies within the region and restructuring their market.

During this Session he will conduct an analysis of how the digitization of the value chain is transforming companies in the region and restructuring their markets. In addition, he will share concepts and some conclusions of the second report on the state of digitization in Latin America, produced by gA’s Center for Digital Transformation.

“The successful adoption of digital technologies requires the restructuring of procedures, remodeling the organization and training human resources”, according to Katz´s view. “The technology by itself is just that, technology. The commitment of the organization is the key for these tools to become useful. And to generate value a complete business transformation is necessary”.

According to Katz one of the main challenges companies in the region face is to increase the impact of digital technologies in all stages of the business and strengthen the process of value generation.

The gA Center for Digital Transformation – created in 2014 – studies the impact of digitization in the region. This forum, open to executives and leaders with business and academic backgrounds, seeks to understand how the adoption of new digital technologies is changing the way companies integrate the industrial side – full digitization of the value chain – with the consumer side and also meet the demands of their consumers.


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